Hello. I am a painter.a teacher.a Nihonga artist.a pigment grinder.a Japanese American.

I live in Berkeley, California

Right now I am painting  Gojira narratives on handmade Japanese paper and silk.


Recent projects I am working on.

Gojira goes on Sports Dates

Just Finished two paintings where the adventure turns into freedom

Sunrise Fish Market

What I thought would happen did not, and what I never expected did..or how to escape your family business.


Gojira is my favorite monster because it can be a persona for many identities. Gojira skis his way out of Salt Lake City and escapes the fish market.

Hand ground pigments

I grind all the pigment by hand starting with various rock/minerals. The pigment is adhered to the silk/paper support using Nikawa which is a hide glue used for hundreds of years in Japan.


The supports are elaborate constructions of laminated Silk and Japanese hand-made paper.

Other Info:

2015 Distinguished Faculty, UCB

Townsend Center solo exhibition 2015

21 year teaching at UCB

Daughter Emiko is 21 years old!

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